About Me

I’m a product owner with a history of system administraton that works in the devops-spectrum of the trade. I work with servers and whatever solves my problem. I use the software stack building clusters, container management and crazy contraptions. From time to time, I also do some development.

I Love to thinker with code and tweak systems. Over the last years I have mostly been fascinated with LXD, Snapcraft, Ansible, Docker, High Availability, Clusters, Automation and I’m trying to learn to program the GPU (OpenGL). I have been working with everything from tiny tings up to large clusters in data centers.

About this account

This is my personal account, controlled by me. This account is also linked to my work addresses. If you are unsure if a contribution is made by me as a private citizen or me as an representative of my employer, the answer is most likely me as an private citizen. But to make sure, check the email in the commit. I’m careful to commit with the right identity.

Contact me

Feel free to use one of the email addresses in one of my commits.